Our Lady Peace

Will the Future Blame Us?


Are you disappointed and have we destroyed it?
I've been stumbling down this long and winding road
These times are changing and it's complicated
I don't want to know

I don't ask why any more

Is it getting better? can we live forever?
I'm not sure what the hell we're fighting for
Does the money make us and will the future blame us?
I don't want to know

When you're tired and alone and you feel like letting go, come home
When you can't take any more, when you're beat up and ignored, come home

You're the sun inside the hole, the
past that you don't know
A long, long way from home
There are things you need to know, the answers leave you cold
You're a long, long way from home
The summer's coming back and it brings a second chance
If you're not part of this then I don't want to know

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