Our Lady Peace

White Flags

White Flags was one of the few songs to "go under the knife" after the fact. The rhythm of the first verse was less defined at first, but Raine decided to define the shots a little more after Jeremy and I had left for Toronto. We all liked the idea, but who played the bass? It wasn't me. Listen for the ever so slight change in the bass tone as it goes into the first pre chorus.- Duncan Coutts


She says it's cold
She says the sky is about to fall
How do you know?
She says the writing's on the wall
Everything I made I somehow broke
Every word I say I think I stole
I can't explain but I won't give up the ghost
She looks like an angel, talks like it's war

She says it's late
Come on we're headed for the sun
I said now wait, this battle's just begun
Every line I've crossed has come undone
Everything I know is somehow wrong
I can't escape and there's nowhere left to run

I'm gonna fall with you
Come on with you
I've built these walls with you

This whole world has gone crazy
God's got a little lazy
We're raising our white flags and holding our breath
We're trading out black hearts for angels instead
No retreat and no surrendering

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