Our Lady Peace


We were approached by the WWF to do a song and we got a pile of CDs; the opportunity to do Kane or Undertaker or Lita... And we figured Chris is Canadian and a well-respected wrestler, he's one of those guys, who everybody no matter who you are, has to respect him. And he'll be around for a long time. Plus, you know all those songs that you hear when they're coming in that sound pretty much exactly the same? His had a pretty cool riff to it.

Raine didn't want to [just sing] 'Chris Benoit rocks,' he didn't want to go that route. He's always been a great lyricist and I think he just kind of took an intense approach... and related it... It's pretty cool. I think everyone will like it.- Jeremy Taggart, Live Audio Wrestling, Aug. 2001

It's not at the top of my list of things we should've done.

Ugh, don't tell me about it [the compilation title, Forceable Entry]. We did this song a long time ago for this thing — they were saying, 'Yeah it's going to be a theme song for a wrestler.' Then they said, 'Is there someone you guys want?' Jeremy [Taggart] knows a little bit about wrestling and he said, 'There's this Canadian guy named Chris Benoit who's really cool.'

So we said, 'Yeah, we'll do his theme.' We did that song about 14 or 15 months ago and then we hadn't heard anything about it. Suddenly, it's out on this thing called Forceable Entry, which just makes me want to puke.- Raine Maida, ChartAttack, 7 Jun. 2002


There's no holding me back
I'm not driven by fear
I'm just driven by anger
And you're under attack
I'm just climbing up slowly
I'm the one and only

The tease, the waste, the lie
Stumble in your mind
The fear, the hope inside
You're keeping
Hit hit

But whatever you need
Ever you've got
Ever you want
I'll take back again

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