Our Lady Peace

The World on a String


Central Themes

I see the world on a string
It's hanging from a wire
It gets tangled up and spun around
Like the truth inside a liar
Sometimes you wanna get high
And sometimes you run and hide
'Cause it eats you up and spits you out
It swallows you alive

When I'm down on my knees
And it hurts to believe
I'm bleeding
When there's no songs to sing
And no flowers to bring
No feeling
You'll bring me back to life

I see the world on a beach
It's sinking in the sand
It tries to suck you down with it
Better get out while you can
Sometimes you wanna scream out
And sometimes you just can't
'Cause your lips feel like they're glued together
And no one gives a damn

This is the world on a string
There's no songs left to sing, just sing
I see the good, I see the bad, the revolution
I see the happy, I see the sad, the absolution
I see hate and I see love when the world's on a string

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