Our Lady Peace

The Story of 100 Aisles

When the guys came off the road, that was one of the first songs they played. It could have been on the Naveed record. So when Mike played it on guitar, I said that sounds like I've heard it before, why don't I take Raine's voice, double it, put one out of phase, introduce the one in phase as we go up -- that's why when you hear his voice at the beginning, it sounds really small and brittle.- Arnold Lanni, Canadian Music, April 1997

Three months after you record you start to hear flaws. Hopefully, you grow and you get better. Everything we do is a snippet of the best we had at the time we did it. We could live with it. We look at every part as a song. If you take away everything but the drums, hopefully that drum part will be catchy. For example, "The Story of a Hundred Aisles" has a Keith Moon influence. No one told me, "Don't do that; you're over-playing." There are sections of just complete chaos.- Jeremy Taggart, Modern Drummer, Feb. 1998


Help yourself
If you know why you came
Cause if you need help she says...
There's something I've got saved
This is not what you wanted
These candy-coated fakes
This is not what you wanted
This is pain

Anacin, we're stumbling again
It's the story of a hundred aisles

Walk away from simple on a tray
Cause if you need help she says...
These fancy pills don't rate
This is not what you wanted
A miracle today

Time is not for sale today
Time seems so far away
You need more than this
Depressed, come here, try this

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