Our Lady Peace


Wow, this is tough to do.

That was a guitar lick and the song was born out of that groove. The Naveed record in general was born out of a lot of guitar licks and grooves. I hadn’t brought in a lot of songs on acoustic or just melodic ideas. It was just a band in a rehearsal space and I remember we wrote the groove up in a really dodgy place in Mississauga, in an industrial warehouse we’d found for cheap when we were doing pre-production.

The groove was so amazing, it wasn’t really a struggle to build but the song took a little while, just trying to find the right chorus for it. Lyrically it was really about as personal as I got on Naveed, just in terms of where I was trying to come from and where I was getting my inspiration as a writer. Reading Dylan over People magazine, or finding that juxtaposition really interesting. You could be reading Ginsberg in the studio one day and all of a sudden you’re sitting around and there’s a People magazine and you find that just as interesting which is slightly pathetic, but human nature.- Raine Maida, CBC, 21 Mar. 2014


Brief References

I've read the Bible, I've read Dylan, and I'm reading people now
Because it's much more chilling
I sit on a satellite with the stars made of gold
There's life in this hollow lens

I know supersatellite

I watch the traffic, I find the seeds
One man in particular, well he's not what he seems
So I quick, I can't focus in on the lies in his head
Convinced that his blood is blue but it's red


Nothing dazzles me, I am in his dreams
Nothing is shocking, transparent human being

Oh, the soul inside the world
Far better than the inside of the mind
Fuck you, I am you
You hear me?
Stop crying

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