Our Lady Peace


Refuge was the only song on this record that had several different versions. It went in all directions from slow to fast, so we kind of met in the middle with the rolling half-time feel. Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly is what inspired the drumming on this track. We had to set up the kit backwards to get it comfortable. The mood really becomes Who-like, which makes it a real favorite for me.- Jeremy Taggart

“Refuge” is a special song to me…that one went through a lot of changes. It started out as a lick I wrote on an acoustic guitar and then kind of turned into a Springsteen kind of rocker but it wasn’t kind of right so we just threw everything away. I said to myself, I think we have something here as a base and Jeremy started this rolling drum beat, then we tried putting some twelve string guitars on it, added a pedal to make my guitar sound like an organ and then all of the sudden it was this complete other treatment of the song.- Steve Mazur, Shockwave Magazine, Jul. 2009


Central Themes

I picked you up
I held you out
I love you
I placed you down
I held my breath
I wonder what I'd do if you weren't around

It's a father's job to tell you
That this world was not meant for you
I see signs all around
You'll get through

The moon strikes one
You rest your head
This refuge
The sun comes up
Life begins
There's danger

This human condition needs a hiding place

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