Our Lady Peace

Middle of Yesterday


You feel the love, you feel the past
It's all the things you thought you had

Oh, well I woke up in hell today
I woke up depressed and drained
And that's okay 'cause I promised not to hurt you again
Well apparently I'm to blame
But apparently I've been framed
By a memory that won't help me when it's happening

Out of the mind, out of the soul
Out of the light, out of control

Standing in the middle of yesterday
When it all went wrong where we made mistakes
I'm sorry for the things I forgot to say
But it won't be long and it will be okay

Well I promised you I would change
I'm an asshole and I'm ashamed
I'm upset 'cause I betrayed everything that you gave
Will you ever let me explain?
Can I beg you to let me stay
Don't quit me 'cause I'll never let this happen...

I'll make it up to you

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