Our Lady Peace

Kiss on the Mouth


If you were a king you'd set me free
But I'd be too dumb to ever leave

Sometimes it is good
Sometimes this is bad as it could be
Sometimes it's lost
And sometimes it's right in front of me

I love it, I hate it, I feel like a whore
I give it, I take it, I come back for more
I build it, I break it, I even the score

I thank you for the war
I thank you for the Hollywood ending
I give thanks for it all
'Cause life's not as easy as it seems

Sometimes it's a rose
And sometimes the smell is sobering
Sometimes it's a mouse
And sometimes the sound is deafening

It feels like it beats you up
It feels like it knocks you out
It feels like a kiss on the mouth
It feels like the saddest song
Nothing can stop us now

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