Our Lady Peace

In Repair

The lyrics for the track 'In Repair' focus upon how people tend to treat each other as machines in our day-to-day life. We really need to take stock and focus our energy towards those in our lives that matter. Sometimes it seems as if we need an oil change.- Raine Maida, MuchMusic, Jan 31 2001

There's a huge push and pull for me lyrically where a song like 'In Repair' is about treating human beings like machines. That mentally and physically, we all need a basic oil change once in awhile.- Raine Maida, What Magazine, Feb. 2001

'In Repair' was based on a book called 'The Spiritual Machine.' As humans, we think that we can fix everything. You have a bad day? Go to a therapist. You don't like your nose? Fix it. We're always under repair. It's a futuristic take. As humans, our egos think we can always be better.- Raine Maida, Katrillion, 2002

That's kinda what the song 'In Repair' is all about, in its sick, dark way. It flirts with stuff like we're almost turning into machines where you can go get your eyes fixed and you can come out of those laser eye cenres with better vision than most people are born with. You can get a hip replacement. You can get your hearing fixed, pretty much, it's just gonna keep developing to the point where it really doesn't matter 'cus they'll be able to fix you, and that's not always such a great thing. In an interview Ray was saying that 10 years from now, with all the new medicines they're developing, every year that you live, you'll be able to add a year to your life. In that sense I kinda step back sometimes and say, 'Wow, this is pretty incredible,' and then at the same time it's like, 'Well, do we really wanna live forever?' Is that our destiny on Earth?- Raine Maida, Rock Sound, May 2001


Well, it's good to know that you'll be okay
I've been waiting for this
And I'll be there to sit while you pray
No one's blaming me
I'm not supposed to wait
When they open up your heart

I have been good, I understood
Like a machine they'll fix you from the start
I'm in repair, the life that we share
I know that I'll be lost in
But we're always in repair

Lock the door, lock the door

And it's good to know that you'll drive away
From this car crash nightmare
And I'll be there to help you again
There's no danger
We're just killing time again
When they order up new parts

Take this time to figure it out
Know the wire, the fuse, the things that you doubt
The wheels, the air, the metal, the mouth, something

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