Our Lady Peace


There is usually a song that comes along during the recording process that signifies the making of the record. It is the point where one idea can help bring other ideas into focus. Dreamland was that song for us... and is that song to me.- Duncan Coutts

Raine provided the following response on Formspring when asked about the motivation for Dreamland:

It was me falling victim to the financial collapse. Hearing the stories of families losing their homes, jobs etc...

- Raine Maida

I love the guitars in “Dreamland.” You know, with this record I think this is the first time that I’ve been real comfortable with a band in the studio. I think that has opened me up to be more confident with what I’m bringing to the table guitar wise. Yeah, “Dreamland” was one of those things where I go from like, Brain May-esque kind of things where I would say, “What about this?” and the guys would say “Yeah,” whereas before, I was little more shy. So yeah, I’m really proud of those guitars. There are a couple of moments in there where the guitars sort of take a role more of like a Queen song where the lead guitar comes at like a bridge in between Raine’s vocals and it’s not doubled and tripled, it’s just kind of there and I like that, there is a lot of focus on the guitars in that song. In the beginning of the song it’s me playing my Hammer Dulcimer which is a trapezoid shaped instrument you hit with these hammers with felt on the end of them, sort of like if you’d open up a piano and look at the inner workings.- Steve Mazur, Shockwave Magazine, Jul. 2009

When we finally got "Dreamland," that was when we had four songs or so that we knew were really good. And then when we got "Dreamland" it was like, "OK, we really have a cool record now."- Duncan Coutts, Chart Attack, 31 Jul. 2009


A mother sets the dinner table
Sun crashes to the pavement
A father working just to make ends
We spend our lives just trying to make sense of it
But I feel love, I feel the power
It comes to me in the darkest hour
And I want to feel it again

In this dreamland
The kids are alright
And the sky is blue
We all got wings
And know how to fly
I'm headed to the moon
Sun on my face
My head in the clouds
Time on my side
My feet off the ground
I'm not coming down

Summer ends, the ocean dries up
A stranger dies and no one gives a fuck
I take a look over my shoulder
All my friends have gotten older

Change just to change
Break just to break
Blame just to blame

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