Our Lady Peace


The "Naveed" album liner notes prints the lyric as "Hand in hand we walk behind."

That was heavy. It was the first song we wrote in 6/8, a swing kind of form, just everything about that song was, I think, me at my angriest. It was the angry brother to 'Naveed' and looking at it not from a bitter perspective but getting on top of that and letting it flow. Where 'Naveed' was hopeful, 'Denied' definitely wasn’t. That word kind of summed it up for me, that we’d been denied, and it has that intensity. The track as well, it’s one of those songs where the lyrics, there isn’t really a juxtaposition, it’s very brooding and a lot of dissonance right from the beginning and it carries that through all the way to the end and lyrically it does the same. Very much one colour.

That song was one of the ones where I had to talk to myself before we played it onstage and not get caught up in the emotion of it because I would just scream and lose my voice. It’s one of those really intense moments onstage every night.- Raine Maida, CBC, 21 Mar. 2014


The telephone is ringing, disconnect the line
The tension is building but I'm alright
The stars are colliding so you might as well let me go

The television is burning, I set it on fire
The wheels, they keep turning, but I'm fine
What about the questions we have locked up inside?
Somewhere, somehow we've been denied
Hand in hand we walk
Pretending, defending while our souls are tied

It's only the third hour, my conscience subsides
But something will remind me that you lied
What about the consequences?
This can't be right

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