Our Lady Peace


That’s an amazing song, and that’s one of those songs that caused the stress. That song went through so many different incarnations. It’s so weird, but it’s a testament to the fact that all the arguments and all the fighting and all the bullshit that we went through is worth it because we did get to something good. But, man, did we struggle with that. That probably took up three weeks of breaking that song down and starting over.- Raine Maida, FMQB, 19 Aug. 2005

That song was funny, because it was way out there and Bob (producer Bob Rock) said, 'This is such a beautiful song. You've just had a son so why don't you let everyone in?' I usually start my songs off very politically-fuelled and over the top and then I work back. Everyone looks at me once I get in the studio and goes, 'You can't say that.'- Raine Maida, Canoe, 6 Sep. 2005

The song has a U2 flavor. As we were writing it, it went off in about five different directions but we chose this one. It has that U2 mood and arrangement - a similar, simple chord progression.- Jeremy Taggart, The Villanovan, 30 Sep. 2005

We didn't want to just do "Streets" again. We wanted to make it sound like a U2 song, but we didn't want to rip one of their songs off completely. It's like that Pearl Jam song that sounds like Zeppelin but it's not it exactly.- Raine Maida, The Villanovan, 30 Sep. 2005


Central Themes

It's time for forgiveness
It's time for relief
It's time that we've wasted
It's time that we need
It's time for decision
It's time to be brave
It's the time of your life
Don't let it slip away

Boy, you'll be running but can't get anywhere
Don't carry the weight of the world

It's time that we borrow
It's time that we bleed
It's time that will cure us
You've just gotta believe
There's a warning up ahead
The alarm's gone off again
But the sun will fill the sky

Boy, help is coming, I'll get you out of here
Don't carry the weight of the world

Just when you think you're done
The war can never be won
I'll be there to pick you up and dust you off and bring you home
And make you feel love

Tonight is a fireball
Tonight you're not alone
Tonight we start again
Tonight the best is yet to come

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