Our Lady Peace

Automatic Flowers

Mr. Maida began by thinking about a woman who lived alone in her apartment. She has little going on in her life, and the apartment is dingy, without much of a view. She has boxes from her childhood, and one day she takes out a pop-up book and opens it to a garden with pop-up flowers. Whenever she wants to cheer herself up, she opens the book.


And Sara thinks she's died here once before
She's crazy
A pop-up book of flowers
From grade four
Are driving her insane
No one knows why
She's sad tonight
No one can help her find

Crying, she couldn't afford
The view
Crying, these automatic flowers won't

Another brick
Another window frames confusion
Her garden blooms but Sara can't see straight
She's drinking herself blind

No one knows why she stares outside
No one can help her find

She never admitted, she never considered this
She always means better, she's wasting all her time

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