Our Lady Peace


The lyrics to Annie were finished just weeks before the Columbine and Taber school shootings.

I don't talk about my lyrics much (to the band), but the day I heard the news, I said: 'Guys, the song Annie is written exactly about this.' I felt the need to tell them because I didn't want them to think that morning I had been reading the paper, writing lyrics.- Raine Maida, Calgary Sun, 18 Sep. 1999

It took a long time. We had the verse for the longest time, and it took weeks in the rehearsal hall just playing it and playing it as a band and finally the chorus happened. And it's all out, now it's a song. Jeremy started the beat to Annie with Duncan doing the bass groove, and you know what? Right away you know this is something to work on. It's really pure that way for us. Thank God, because you want to walk out of the rehearsal hall every day thinking it's just about music.- Raine Maida, Canadian Musician, Nov. 1999

It's really about people who get picked on that aren't helpless anymore. There are connections made [on some Internet chat rooms that feed the antisocial impulses of loners] where who knows what's real, but it's enough to turn into a kind of reality for these people. It can get pretty dangerous.- Raine Maida, Macleans, Dec. 1999


You're a little bit shy
A little too quiet
You're the mixed up girl
That everybody leaves behind
A little bit weird
A little too bright
But you just might be
That little bomb at their side
They'll pull your hair
They'll leave you wide-eyed
But did anybody wonder
What Annie might have in mind?
Oh, no

There's something in the way she explains to me
"Please be careful, I exist in someone else's head"
Oh, no
There's something in the way that she makes believe
Please be careful
Annie dreams that everyone is dead

You're a little bit dry
A little uptight
You're the messed up girl
That everybody tries to hide
You've had enough
They're too unkind
But did anyone consider
What Annie might have in mind?
Oh, no...

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