Our Lady Peace


Anyone who has heard the record has gravitated to that song, even live when we play it. We did a couple shows last week on the East Coast and you could see people being consumed by it. It’s an amazing thing. It shows you that a great song is a great song. For us it’s a great song and it was recorded in probably the worst studio in L.A. ever. We used a bunch of the worst sounding mics on the drums. We had no gear. Thank God Bob’s a good engineer. It just goes to show, you can spend as much money as you want and follow all the rules… just all the stress you put on yourself to try to make music. That was worse than a demo, and it’s one of our favorite tracks.- Raine Maida, FMQB, 19 Aug. 2005


Looks like the holy ghost is gone, now you're afraid of yourself
Over your shoulder you have to watch heaven fall into hell
Looks like your boat's about to sink so it's time to prepare
Even the angels are losing sleep and the sidewalks are bare

It's like the calm before the storm
You better swim
Just like it's cold before it's warm
You'll get back here again

I'll wait, I'll wait till you fall from grace
It's the calm before the storm
It's there and then it's gone

Looks like the war was in your head not your heart
Just when you think it's figured out it all falls apart

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