Our Lady Peace

All You Did Was Save My Life

As soon as we heard Raine’s lyrics for this one, we knew we had our single.- Jeremy Taggart, ExploreMusic, 13 Jul. 2009


You looked at me as you walked in the room
Like the red sea you split me open
Somehow knew these wings were stolen
All you did was save my life
I tried to run but I couldn't move
Well I paid for these concrete shoes
But like the singer that sings the blues
You saw hope in the hopeless

I'm not dying
All you did was save my life
Pulled me out of that flat line
Put the heartbeat back inside
All you did was get me through
I owe every breath to you
Heart and soul unparalyzed
All you did was save my life

I'm not for sale but I've been sold
The more I hear the less I know
And the lies are swallowed whole
And their insignificance
The story's been told a million times
But it's different when it's your life
I won the lottery tonight

I started to come around
The dogs are backing down
I'm not afraid to see
The devil's gone under ground
This tightrope's been cut down
And I can finally breathe

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