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OLP at Bayfest

OLP is back on stage this July, returning to Sarnia's Bayfest for the first time since 2003. They will be opening for Stone Temple Pilots on July 11. For more information just head over to the Bayfest website.

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More greatest hits, Pedestrian live

Sony is set to release another hits compilation for OLP at the end of the month. Playlist: The Very Best of Our Lady Peace is set to hit US shelves on March 31, 2009.


1. Starseed

2. Naveed

3. Superman's Dead

4. Clumsy

5. Car Crash

6. Stealing Babies (Featuring Elvin Jones)

7. Are You Sad

8. The Wonderful Future

9. Somewhere Out There

10. Innocent

11. Not Enough

12. Apology

13. Angels/Losing/Sleep

14. Wipe That Smile Off Your Face (Live in Toronto)

A special thanks to Sony for trying to bleed the band and its fan base dry. Fuckers.

Pedestrian, fresh off of their appearance at the SXSW Festival, revealed in a MySpace blog yesterday that they have been busy recording live shows at the Hotel Cafe in preparation of a live album release. More details as they are announced.

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Congratulations to our own Johnathan (Darth Wenus) for becoming the first ever CMer to reach 30,000 posts.

OLP at CHUM Fanfest

OLP was back on stage in Toronto last night as part of CHUM's Fanfest. Raine reinforced the rumor that All You Did Was Save My Life would be the first single from the new album. Setlist:

Monkey Brains


All You Did Was Save My Life

Somewhere Out There


There are several videos from the concert on YouTube and Facebook.

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Lots of OLP

Plenty of action in the OLP universe. has relaunched with a new design. You can download wallpaper and preview the new album cover as well. Hidden links are abound, with more features to come.

OLP has completed all recording for Burn Burn. They guys took to the stage at the Rivoli in Toronto last night at midnight for a short set, showcasing several new songs.

Monkey Brains



All You Did Was Save My Life

Superman's Dead


The Right Stuff


Paul (neoncrossing) spoke with Steve following the show. Steve commented that All You Did Was Save My Life will be the first single, followed by Dreamland, and The Right Stuff [*warning: speculation only*].

OLP is back on stage tonight at the Masonic Temple in Toronto for another short set.

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The Correct Stuff

From Coalition Entertainment:

"Thanks for reaching out to us about the misinformation posted on Teqtonik’s site. Yes the live action video has been completed for the “Right Stuff” but we don’t have a schedule for release date of the video nor the album Burn Burn yet."

There you have it, straight from the source.

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The Wrong Stuff? is reporting that The Right Stuff will not be the first single and isn't an animated video. Tequtonik's website still lists the video as being an iTunes exclusive on March 17. Stay tuned for updates.