Our Lady Peace

2017-10-21: The Vine at Del Lago, Waterloo, New York, United States

CSB's> Microtrack II
Recording Info:
Available as 16 bit only.

Everything prior to One Man Army was lost

Headlining along with openers SMSHNG HRTS. This recording was initially a 4 track mix with AT853's, and the CSB's used for ambience. Unfortunately around the start of One Man Army the battery pack for the Tascam recorded ran out and all 4 tracks up that point were lost. Fortunately my Microtrack was in my gear box and I was able to plug the CSB's in quickly and resume recording. What is left is a nice binaural recording of the end of the show. You can occaisonally here the walkie of the FOH engineer on the right channel. This set was near identical to the previous night, minus Head Down.