Our Lady Peace

2017-10-20: Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, New York, United States

AT 853's/CSB's> Tascam DR-70D
Recording Info:
Available as 16 and 24 bit recordings

Headlining along with openers SMSHNG HRTS. First time using the Tascam in the field and I messed up the settings on channel 2, so it didn't record. I copied the CSB's channel 1 over it and applied some panning and EQ. Several songs had not been played since the Evening With tour back in 2010. Carnival, Big Dumb Rocket, The Story Of 100 Aisles, and Car Crash had not been in a setlist since May 2010. This concert also featured the live debuts of the yet to be released tracks The Ballad Of A Poet (dedicated to Gord Downie who had passed away days earlier), and Head Down.